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2024 Sick Benefits

Paid Sick Leave

Under the Paid Sick Leave Program, eligible employees receive 7 days per calendar year, paid at 100% salary. Unused Paid Sick Leave can be carried over into next year; the maximum amount an employee can have at any time is 14 days. Unused Paid Sick Leave is not paid out at separation or retirement.

Requests for Paid Sick Leave should be made through your normal time/absence reporting processes, upon your oral or written request, as required by your worksite.

Uses for Paid Sick Leave:

  • Diagnosis, care or treatment of an existing illness, injury, or health condition or to obtain preventive medical care for a Covered Person. Preventive care includes annual physicals and flu shots.
  • Specified purposes in the event of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking committed against any Covered Person.
  • When employee’s workplace or the employee’s child’s school or childcare provider is closed by order of a public official for a health-related reason public or to care for a Covered Person who is exposed to a communicable disease when it has been determined by the health authorities having jurisdiction or by a health care provider that the Covered Person's presence in the community may create a health risk to others.

Short-Term Disability

To be eligible for benefits under the STD Program, you must report your disability in accordance with the procedures established for reporting absences at your worksite as far in advance as possible. If you can’t give prior notice due to the nature of your disability, you must follow the notification procedures as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after your first absence from work. You will then be required to submit documentation substantiating your disability/absence.

Absences can include those that are due to a medically determinable injury, illness, or condition (other than an occupational disability) that prevents you from performing, for a temporary period of time, the material duties of your occupation. It can also include, but is not limited to:

  • Physician-directed absences from active employment prior to childbirth or continued after Parental Leave ends;
  • Absences from employment due to a medically determinable injury, illness, or condition suffered or incurred by a dependent child that prevents them from attending daycare or school or performing services for an employer for a temporary period of time, and;
  • Absences from employment due to risk of infection as a result of a declared health pandemic and identified as high risk by the U.S. Government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Short-Term Disability Schedule
2024 Weeks of Pay
Years of Service 100% Pay 50% Pay Total
< 1 3 0 3
1 3 23 26
2 4 22 26
3 6 20 26
4 8 18 26
5 10 16 26
6 12 14 26
7 14 12 26
8 16 10 26
9 18 8 26
10 20 6 26
11 22 4 26
12 24 2 26
≥ 13 26 0 26

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