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What You Need to Know

Marathon Petroleum offers educational reimbursement benefits to encourage self-development by providing financial assistance for certain education-related expenses. This benefit is intended to encourage professionalism and assist you in increasing effectiveness in your current position, preparing you for possible advancement, and/or increasing your adaptability to new ideas and change.

The Educational Reimbursement Plan offers financial assistance for two types of education-related expenses:

  1. Tuition for courses under an approved degree program or single courses outside a degree program, and
  2. Certification and Licensing (C&L) assistance for an approved licensing or professional certification program.
Annual Maximum

Upon successful completion of an approved course, the Company will reimburse eligible expenses, including tuition, required fees and textbooks, subject to an annual maximum reimbursement of $5,250 for an undergraduate program or $9,000 for a graduate program.

Reimbursements up to $5,250 per calendar year are considered non-taxable income. Reimbursements in excess of this amount (if applicable) are generally taxable -subject to tax withholding. The $5,250 annual limit is an IRS limit and is subject to change based on IRS guidelines.


You are eligible for the Educational Reimbursement Plan (the “Plan”) if you are a regular full-time or regular part-time employee both at the time of enrollment in the course and at the time the course is completed. (Courses that begin prior to your MPC employment date are not eligible for reimbursement.)

In order to qualify for benefits under this Plan, you must have been in your position a reasonable amount of time to allow pursuit of further education or licensing without impacting your job performance, and your course/program schedule should not conflict with your regular work schedule

All Degree Programs, Non-degree courses, and C&L programs must be approved in advance by your Manager/Supervisor and your local Human Resources Consultant (“HRC”); you should obtain approval prior to enrolling for a course or certification or licensing program.

Tuition Assistance (Courses under a Degree Program and Non-Degree Courses)

In order to be eligible for tuition assistance, a Degree Program or course:

  • Must be consistent with your ability, potential and educational background.
  • Must be in a field of interest to the Company.
  • Should be applicable to the work you are currently doing or work you might reasonably be expected to be qualified to do.
  • Should provide knowledge or skills you can reasonably be expected to use within the Company and that the Company will derive some benefit from.

Eligible Courses:

  • Formal college credit courses offered by an accredited college or university, including courses taken as part of a Degree Program and single courses taken when not pursuing a degree (“Non-degree Course”).
  • Online courses offered by an accredited college or university.
  • Adult education non-credit and/or Non-degree courses offered by an accredited institution.
  • Private, business or technical school courses when comparable training is not available in one of the above categories.

Eligible Expenses:

For approved undergraduate and graduate college courses, tuition expenses, required fees, pre-admission testing and required textbooks are reimbursed at 100% after any other sources of financial aid are applied.

See the Educational Reimbursement Plan for more detailed information regarding eligible expenses under Tuition Assistance.

Repayment Agreement:

As part of your application for Tuition Assistance, you must complete a Tuition Assistance Repayment Agreement, in which you agree to partially or totally repay any benefit you received if you voluntarily leave the Company within a certain period of time after the date you received reimbursement.

Certification and Licensing (C&L)

In order to be eligible for C&L Assistance, the program:

  • Must be associated with a new Certificate or License. (Expenses associated with maintaining or renewing an existing Certificate or License are generally not eligible.)
  • Must relate to your current job function or career or a position you might reasonably be expected to obtain within the Company.
  • Should be a certification or license you can reasonably be expected to use within the Company and that the Company will derive some benefit from.
  • Must be a professional licensing or certification program where the license/certification is obtained as the result of a uniform examination. (NOT a training course or certification program.)

Eligible Expenses:

  • Review or certification course prior to taking the exam (one course only).
  • Examination fees (includes all fees required to take the exam, including but not limited to exam sitting fee, background check, application fee, etc.).
  • Limited travel expenses.

See the Educational Reimbursement Plan for more detailed information regarding eligible expenses under C&L.

How the Process Works

In order to request a benefit under the Educational Reimbursement Plan, the following process should be followed.

Step #1 - Obtain Approval:

Before beginning a Degree Program, a Non-degree Course, or a C&L Program, you should first obtain approval from your Manager/Supervisor as specified below. Once you have management approval, your local HRC should also review the documentation, as applicable, and confirm your eligibility.

Degree Program:

  • To request approval to begin a Degree Program, first complete and submit a Degree Program Application (paper form) to your Manager/Supervisor and HRC along with a Tuition Assistance Repayment Agreement.
  • Once the appropriate signatures are obtained, create a degree record in SAP Online Services.
  • Your degree record will later be edited to request reimbursement of eligible expenses for courses related to this degree.

Non-degree Course:

  • Approval for a course that is not part of a Degree Program is obtained verbally. Discuss the course with your manager prior to enrolling.
  • Once the appropriate approval is obtained approval from your Manager/Supervisor, create a record for a course outside a degree in SAP Online Services.
  • At this step, you will enter basic information about the course, including university name, course name, and dates. (Grade and cost information will be entered after the course has been completed.)

C&L Program:

  • To request approval to pursue a professional Certification or License, obtain verbal approval from your Manager/Supervisor. (There are no paper forms for C&L.)
  • You will create a record in SAP Online Services, but not until after you have taken the exam, if applicable.

Step #2 - Complete the course or Program:

After you obtain approval, you must successfully complete the course or program before you request reimbursement.

You are not eligible for a reimbursement until after the course or program has been successfully completed under the terms of the Plan.

Step #3 - Request Reimbursement:

After you have successfully completed a course or program, you can request reimbursement of your eligible expenses through SAP Online Services. All reimbursement requests are entered in your record, as specified below, approved by your Manager/Supervisor, then routed to HR to processed.

Degree Program:

  • Add the course to your degree record in SAP Online Services, entering all the required information.

Non-degree Course:

  • Add the cost and grade information to the course record you previously created in SAP Online Services.

C&L Program:

  • Create a Certification and Licensing record in SAP Online Services, entering all the required information.

For step-by-step instructions on how to enter a request for reimbursement, see the Instructions for Entering Educational Reimbursement Requests in SAP Online Services, which can be found on MPCConnect. Be sure to review the instructions applicable to the type of reimbursement you are requesting.

Step #4 - Provide Documentation:

In addition to entering the course or program information online, you must also submit all required documentation to your HRC before they can review and finalize your request. Once approved, educational reimbursement benefits are processed by payroll and will appear in your paycheck as “Tuition Aid.”

Where to Go for Assistance

Tools and resources for the educational reimbursement process can be found under the Educational Reimbursement section on www.myMPCbenefits.com and you can contact the Marathon Petroleum Benefits Service Center at 1-888-421-2199 with questions regarding the benefit or for assistance with the online process.

Managers and Supervisors who need information on how to approve or reject an employee’s request for educational reimbursement can refer to the Manager/Supervisor Guide to Educational Reimbursement Requests, which can be found on the Supervisor’s Resource Guide in SAP online services.

Where to Find Educational Reimbursement Plan Document

Go to www.myMPCbenefits.com or the Plan may be viewed in its entirety by clicking here.

No portion of this benefits summary is intended to change the terms of the plans and policies, or the official texts that control them. If there is any inconsistency between this summary and the official texts of the plans and policies, the official texts will prevail.

Updated 01/2020